FTA is a futuristic cyberpunk style MMORPG filled with drugs, magic, and mayhem. FTA has been under development since March of 2004. I am currently seeking artist and sound engineers to work with. Please email me if you are interested! Send any and all feedback to gfilla 'at' gmail 'dot' com! If the game crashes for you (or even just gives you any problems), please open LOG_FILE.txt and email me the contents, after the game crashes but before you start the game again. This helps me a lot!


I am still seeking artists and composers to work with. If you are interested, please contact me. Here is a mockup an artist made for me which shows the style and quality of artist im looking for (click for full version):


New version released today, .488. This should hopefully fix the stuck-in-wall bug for good. If it happends to you, please let me know! It also introduces a few minor bug fixes and tweakings.


Decent sized update released tonight!! New version, .487, which introduces the "command" system into the game. You can now send commands, such as "/msg", "/b", "/who", etc. This allows you to do things like private message, globally message, or find out whos online. For a full list of commands, just enter "/c" or "/commands" into the chat. This patch also fixes several bugs including the one where you get stuck in a wall. Also, a new autopatcher has been released. For those with a version older then .487, you will get a message that the server is down, however the server is definetly up! Please change your config.cfg file to have the new IP address of the server, which is ftaserver.donkeypunchproductions.net. Alternatively, you can download the new version of the site instead. This problem will never happen again since now i use the DNS of my website to forward to the server. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This is the first news post, bringing the first news! A new patch is released, version 0.426, which fixes a few minor bugs and tweaks a few things.