FTA will combine action elements such as real time combat with a persistant and immersive cyberpunk world to thrust players into the role of a runner in the middle of urban decay. It is not a traditional MMORPG, and it is not an action game, rather it is a hybrid of action and RPG set in a persistent virtual world. The game will encourage PvP (player vs player) combat and will have heavy action elements. To build your character you will not (have to) mindlessly kill NPC controlled monsters.


It is the year 2248. The government has become so corrupt that no one can tell where the government ends and the corps beginů The drug cartels came up with some new drugs that actually effected the physical abilities of the person using it. Then, they payed hackers to send a global broadcast over the netů anyone who was on their computer or even watching TV was instantly brainwashed and turned into a lifetime customer for the cartels. Now, many are junkies and running the streets. The "government" is a sham, nothing but puppets for the corps and the cartels.


FTA will work on both Windows and Linux. The game is written in C++ and uses RakNet, OpenGL, SDL, and MySQL++.