FTA fta zipped or fta installer
Left click to walk
Right click to shoot
'X' to target someone
'Z' to fire at your target
'C' to cycle your weapon (you start with 3 weapons)
Click on the chat box or press T to begin chatting, press enter to send your message

This is the latest build of FTA that i have uploaded. This is the only version of FTA you will need. All further updates can be downloaded using the included autopatcher program. It is currently a bare bones engine with placeholder art. If you are an artist or sound guy, contact me!! Account creation, logins, character creation, chat, movement, map changing, patching, and basic PvP combat plus more is implemented as of this build.
  Original FTA original_fta.zip
    This was the first game I ever made, it
is an ASCII turn based RPG set in the FTA universe. Download only if you are really bored.